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Kid Birthday - Teen Birthday - Adult Birthday - Grandparent Birthday

Sweet 16 - Quinceanera - Bar/Bat Mitzvah - Congratulations - Graduations

***$100 Package***
Includes Greeting + Age + 10 Fun Icons
Add a name + 3 more icons for $50 more

***Fall Birthday Special***
Purchase our $100 Package and we'll include a
FREE NAME plus THREE additional icons!
Good for September and October birthdays
($150 package for $100)

Favorite hobby, sport, TV show, game, movie, animal, toy, clothing brand, restaurant?
If it's not in our inventory, let us create a unique icon just for your sign!
($10 additional)
24 hour rental. Parteaz set up and clean up.
Signs are approximately 18" x 18".  

Letter Options

Happy Birthday GIRL:   "Happy birthday" in silver glitter bubble letters or black glitter bubble letters.

Child's Age in pink glitter or purple glitter letters. 

Happy Birthday BOY: "Happy birthday" in solid blue block letters or black glitter block letters.  

Child's Age in solid red or black glitter letters. 


DAD/GRANDPA:  "Happy Birthday" in solid blue block letters or black glitter block letters. "Dad" or "Grandpa" in black or red glitter letters.    MOM/GRANDMOM: "Happy Birthday" in silver glitter letters. "Mom" or "Grandmom" in pink or red glitter letters. 


*Color based on availability 

Choose 10 icons from our collection:

Food & Beverages

Birthday Themed

Fun Symbols for All Ages

Sports & Athletics

School & Graduation

Games, Hobbies, Interests

Need ideas?

Girls: Cupcake, Butterfly, Star, Heart, Rainbow, Unicorn, Donut, Balloons, Dancer, Watermelon, Birthday Present, Llama, Mermaid, Lightning Bolt, Gymnastics, Poop Emoji, Kissy Emoji, Heart Eyes Emoji, Bicycle, Volleyball, S'more

Boys: Runner, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer Ball, Volley Ball, Lacrosse, Legos, Pizza, Train, Truck, Shark, Pirate, Pirate Ship, Star, Video Game Controller, Gamer Dude, Roblox, Fortnite, Hot Dog, Taco, Ice Cream Cone, Pokemon, Bike, Lightning Bolt

Baby/ Toddler Birthday: Star, Balloons, Birthday Cake, Party Hat, Cupcake, Teddy Bear, Sun, Sailboat, Shark, Car, Truck, Pirate Boy, Pirate Ship, Pirate Shark

Dad & Grandpa: BBQ Grill, Cell Phone, Beer Stein, Wine Glass, Shirt & Tie, Mustache, Golf, Football, Baseball, Soccer. Lightning Bolt, Star, NYC Subway, Weights, Dice, Coffee Cup

Mom & Grandma: Star, Heart, Lightning Bolt, Cupcake, Birthday Present, Birthday Cake, Wine Glass, Nail Polish, Coffee Cup, Bike, Runner, Golf Tee, Cell Phone, Nail Polish

Don't see the icon you want?

Have us customize one for you! ($10 additional)

Add 0n

- Add a name in either Pink, Blue, Red, Silver or Purple Glitter Pattern or Solid Color:  $50 + 3 extra icons (total 13 icons)

- Additional Icons:  $10 per sign

- Extra day rental:  $25 per day

To order, call 973-447-0616 or email admin@parteaz.com

*$100 security deposit- returned upon removal

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