Pop Culture Creativity: K-5

Each week the students will make a craft (slime, jewelry, sewing) or spa product( Lip gloss, Shower Gel, Bath salts) incorporating some of our best party themes! Mermaids, Unicorns, Spa, Emojis, Rock Star, PJ, Rainbow; are all part of the mix! Also play some group games and do some individual activities that promote self esteem, help others and let each child feel unique and creative!


Superhero Training K-2 Our goal is get your child active, increase

self-confidence, courage and coordination through the use of fun exercises, games crafts and group activities. Some of the things we'll do in addition to using our x-ray vision is make our own power belts, shields, masks, etc... Superhero smoothies and Trail mix are part of the activities to keep up our super-duper strength. * great for Boys and Girls.


Edible Candy Art Creations K-5

Create Edible Slime, Sugar seashells, Candy Sushi, Edible Play dough, Skittle painting, etc..

More creative fun than you can imagine!


Camping Enrichment:

No Bugs! No Bears! Have all the fun of camping with creative projects, Games and activities! Create s’mores, real and crafty, Owls, Binoculars, Bean bag toss, Obstacle course, etc… Good for boys and Girls

Jewlery and Crafts Upcycled: 3rd-5th grade

Create some projects using old and new materials in a different way.

Beaded necklaces, Wind chimes, Tote bags from t-shirts are just some of the fun activities...

Sewing creations 3rd-5th

Create Unicorn Pillows, Rainbow totes, Candy wallets, etc…hand sewing skills, and math are all part of the fun!